Here are two ways you can help financially. 

We have opened a PayPal account to make it convenient to help.  Clicking one of the "pay now" buttons below will take you to PayPal.

EIAAA annual dues
  - The dues are used to cover the cost of the newsletter and social events.
  - This is a one time charge of $77.55.  (includes $2.55 service charge)
EIAAA one time donations
  - Donations can be entered in $25 increments.
  - Just change the quantity and click update to verify the total.

If you would like to save the service charges you can always send a check to:

c/o Brian White
1205 Michelle Ct
Iowa City, IA 52240

If you send a check the annual dues are $75.  We will gladly accept donations of any amount sent by check.